Friday, March 03, 2006

Remote Control Mini Assault Helicopter

This Site ( is an advertisement for one of the absolute necessities of any Secret Robot Army.

This remote control gunship is gas powered and fully programmable. It also sports a fully automatic 12-gauge shotgun/grenade launcher. Of course, it's armed with the right camera options with video or IR/thermal.

And it costs less than $100,000.

If these items were to be purchased in quantities of a dozen, you could control a couple city blocks. Quantities of a hundred and you control a city. One billion bucks buys you ten thousand of 'em.

These babies can be used for crowd control, surveillance, assassinations, escorts, building/location security, and even personal security.

This is the foot soldier of every secret robot army. A must have.

(And, yes, they are working on mounting a second fully automatic shotgun/grenade launcher.)


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