Monday, March 06, 2006

Sanitary Sentries

We at SecretRobotArmy have been discussing imaginative and unexpected ways to expand a secret robot army. In a random chat session, the idea of the iRobot Roomba ( being programmed to attack if the cleanliness of the room became a threat.

"Wipe your feet. Wipe your feet. You have thirty seconds to comply."

While it sent us off on a good laugh, we are actually a little bit late to this idea! This article in The Boston Globe describes a movement that puts us at the tail-end of home-built Secret Robot Army technology!

Apparently they are being hacked and being used as home security devices with cameras and wireless internet connections. Picture the small drone robots (mouse droids) that zip around the Death Star in Star Wars.

You could further hack them to include sirens, and RFID scanners. If a guest comes into your house/compound/secret island fortress, they are given a security card. If the robot encounters a human, they are scanned. If they do not have a valid RFID badge, the intruder alert is sounded.

And, of course, we have all already thought of adding a firearm. No news of it yet, but we'll be watching the forums on this kind of activity ( )

(Yes, we will be doing a write-up on the truly military applications provided by iRobot Corporation. They provide robots such as the R-Gator: Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle, as well as bomb diffusers, and I've even heard wind of a bot of theirs locating and targeting snipers.

And that's really what every leader of a Secret Robot Army needs by their side.)


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