Sunday, July 29, 2007

Excellent Progress On Robotic Sentries: Wrestlemania!

Words fail to describe this footage, really.

The general public has gradually come to accept that computers can completely kick ass over hairless primates in Chess.

Well, now give it another 5 years or so, and lets put whomever is in the lead of the UFC (or a heavyweight boxer) against a full size version of one of these babies.


Ancestors of the Secret Robot Army

When we consider the rapid pace at which the machines will take over, we must consider the history of the superiority of automated weaponry.

The recent discovery of a V1 proto-cruise-missile in London prompted S.R.A researches to investigate.

Check this-->

Similar damage inflicted as the London Blitz, with no offensive casualties whatsoever.

The future, as glimpsed by the past.

More V1 info here.